Reaching Houston was formed in 2017 to assist those who are in immediate need during the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. James Jacobs, Owner of YaLife Media & Marketing & Founder of Now Youth Inc led the charge by communicating with other businesses and organizations about providing funding and/or in-kind donations to individuals affected by the storm. James partnered with the Hays Cares Organization and Erinn Fleeks of Urban 411 Entertainment, to launch the program, Reaching Houston.

Since its inception, Reaching Houston has served as a trusted source to allow individuals and businesses to donate relief funds to meet the IMMEDIATE needs of individuals in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. To meet the needs of an ever-changing city, the organization has expanded its mission to provide support for basic needs as well as the skills and training to become empowered, prepared citizens who enrich the city of Houston, TX.

There are now several non-profits, religious organizations, and businesses that partner with us to serve those who provide transformational programming to youth, families, and seniors... and so can you!

Our Leadership

James Jacobs
Brandi Spencer
Tessa Tuber

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